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The Lord’s Day Alliance of the U.S. exists to encourage all people to receive God’s great gift of Sabbath rest and to encourage all Christians to worship the risen Lord Jesus Christ, on the Lord’s Day–Sunday–that they may be renewed in spirit and empowered to live lives worthy of the Gospel.

Guided by a Board of Managers and led by a team of co-executive directors, the Lord’s Day Alliance produces an annual conference center on a Sabbath-related theme, holds an annual sermon competition, produces resources for clergy, laity and academics, promotes its mission through a speakers bureau, and produces Sunday magazine–its flagship publication for over 100 years.

Board of Managers
Rev. Timothy Bird, Glade Spring, Va.
Mrs. Ira Q. (Betty Jo) Craft, Columbia, SC
Mr. Floyd A. Craig, Franklin, Tenn.
Mr. Robert Desbien, Sevierville, Tenn.
Mr. Brian W. Hanse, Wayne, NJ
Mr. William C. Hanse, Wayne, NJ
Rev. John Hinkle, Murfreesboro, Tenn.
Mr. Marcus L. Hodge, Carlisle, Pa.
Mrs.  Marcus L. (Ruth) Hodge, Carlisle, Pa.
Rev. Dr. J. N. (Dock) Hollingsworth, III, Braselton, Ga.
Rev. Marvin R. Jonasen, Bothell, Wash.
Rev. Dr. David Key, Madison, Ga.
Chaplain Andrew E. V. Krey, Rincon, Ga.
Rev. Dr. Roger A. Kvam, Marietta, Ga.
Rev. David Lauten, Columbia, SC
Mr. David C. McNair, Jackson, Miss.
Mr. Eugene J. Nicodemus, Harrisburg, Pa.
Rev. Dr. Edward M. O’Flaherty, S.J., Boston, Mass.
Rev. Dr. W. David Sapp, Atlanta, Ga.
Rev. Dr. Samuel Simpson, Bronx, New York City, NY
Rev. John Van Hemert, Lantana, Fla.
Mr. John Gardner (Jack) West, Porterdale, Ga.
Mr. Edward L. (Woody) White, Jr., Atlanta, Ga.


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